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saying “i do-ula.”

If you've been around for a bit now, you know that I'm super passionate about mamas having a well-supported birth experience. It's why I was drawn to the concept of a doula when first introduced back in 2007, and why I pursued and completed certification with DONA International a few years back. I love being a doula! I love everything about what it means to support a mother, her partner/spouse if present, and their baby in labor and delivery. And I love how humbling it is--every single time, to witness the beauty and miracle of birth. What a gift! A few weeks back, I shared this guest post at about why I think every woman should have access to a doula/birth support, and why having a doula has made all the difference to me. If you haven't seen it yet, I encourage you to venture over to R&H, and to share the post with anyone you know who might benefit from reading. Thanks in advance for supporting the expectant mamas within your sphere of influence. much love from this mama lovin' doula/doula lovin' mama, mm … [Read More...]

happy birthday, eloise!

Two. Sweet Eloise, I cannot hardly believe you uttered your last, "I'm one!" just before bed last night. It's something I'm going to have to wrap my mind around for a while. You've already blown out candles and been celebrated and surrounded by some of your most favorite people in the world. This past weekend, as we marked this fun age and another year for you on the books, you ran around in pink (of course), sported pigtails and cowgirl boots, had your share of fair food and opened your gifts. I have the pictures to prove it, and yet, I'm in a bit of denial as I cling to the last traces of you as our baby and move on to new memories with you as our little girl. All day yesterday you said, "I love you," doling out hugs and kisses in a new, enthusiastic way. I'm not sure whether you could just sense that I needed the extra love, or if maybe you're just coming into your own. Either way, it's clear that "I love you" means something to you now, and this is just one of the many ways you're expressing yourself on a new level as of late. You've successfully discovered the very best way to turn me into a puddle. I love you, too, darling girl. Every time we begin to pray as a family these days, you interject with, "I wanna pray!" I love this about you. Your prayers are simple and sweet, and they always begin with, "Thank you for this Jesus," which I think is so beautiful pouring out of your little heart. At bedtime two nights ago your prayer turned into a song, and it was so … [Read More...]


farmer’s market goodness.

A few weeks back, while was in the midst of a facelift (hooray!), I had the privilege of guest-posting over at I met Beth briefly at Allume last year, and we share similar passions for health, wholeness and family. Naturally, I enjoy her blog and love that she's welcomed me into the fold this summer. It's not a secret that I love the farmer's market, nor that I frequent ours as often as possible. I love visits when I can sneak away by myself to nab the best produce and flowers in the early a.m., but I love even more to take the kiddos along and make it a regular event. As was fitting for mid-July and my first post for Red and Honey, I thought I'd share exactly why I love taking the kids on a weekly basis and the value we find in going as a family. Since I didn't have the chance to share when the post was first up (construction woes over here ;), I thought I'd link it here as I get back up to speed in this neck of the woods. If you haven't read it already, I do hope you'll enjoy a taste of our farmer's market...and all of the sights, colors and flavors that make it one of my very favorite places to be. Happy reading!! still reveling in the richness of summer, mm … [Read More...]