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1 Jan

Shortly after the clock struck midnight last year, I committed this word to 2011, with the hope and prayer that I would adopt it in its fullness as I went about life, work and relationships. God was faithful to provide the guidance I needed as I pursued growth in the every day (in fact, when I searched for the word “grow” on my blog for the past 12 months, I was pleased to find it in no less than 78 entries:) Many things grew in my life the last calendar year, and as a result, I am yet again a changed and changing person as I look towards the next 12 months on this, the first day of the year.

I’m a little sad to let GROW sink back a bit into the periphery of my days (although there’s no doubt it will continue to bubble and simmer in the parts of me that became so close to the idea since last January 1st.) But I’m also all about the newness of things and the pursuit of something else to spur me along. I truly enjoy the process of becoming. Thus, after nearly a week of bouncing words around in my mind and trying to pray towards a solid focus for the days ahead, I have landed on what I think is the perfect word for 2012: embrace.

Consider it as defined by Merriam-Webster:

transitive verb
a : to clasp in the arms : hugb : cherishlove
a : to take up especially readily or gladly <embrace a cause>b : to avail oneself of : welcome <embraced the opportunity to study further>
a : to take in or include as a part, item, or element of a more inclusive whole <charity embraces all acts that contribute to human welfare>
I love this word. I particularly love it as defined in #3: to take up especially readily or gladly; to avail oneself of. 
As I process what it means to embrace over the next 366 days (yep, it’s a leap year ;), I anticipate finding new joy in the pursuit. I am trusting God for His clarity–that I’ll be drawn to the things in each day that He wants me to embrace: prayer, family, motherhood, home, work, playtime, nature, creativity, order, worship, friendship, words, peace. Already, i’m inspired by the possibility of what this next year might bring!
embracing home, lights still twinkling on the tree and sweet cuddly moments in the nursery tonight,

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