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sometimes, you just…

22 Jan

…need your mom. As was the case tonight when Henry cried relentlessly after being put to bed. It wasn’t that, “I’m sooooooo tired and frustrated but will be asleep soon,” cry, and it wasn’t the “I’m stuck in a weird position that I think I can’t get out of and it hurts!” kind of cry either. It was the inconsolable, hysterical, what’s-a-mom-to-do kind of sound that, when you hear it, rearranges your priorities. Baby first, dishes second. Baby first, laundry second. Baby first, blog…way down on the totem pole.

When I got to H’s room, no back rubbing or shushing or talking softly would do–just the simple grasp of my hand in his was the trick tonight. He curled up, found his thumb and held tightly to me while coming down from the ordeal. I assured him I’d stay. Laying down on the carpet beside his crib, I was thankful to feel needed and not annoyed–to feel blessed and not burdened. I can’t say that every end-of-the-day crying session has brought me as much peace, but tonight, I needed Henry, too. He’s just got a way about him that makes my mom heart soften at every turn. Lucky, I am.

In rare form this evening, Hank proceeded to perk up, turning his self-soothing into playful jabbering and silly shenanigans. What was frustrating for a moment (as I realized sleep was nowhere near for the babe) became more or less hilarious as Henry clapped and wiggled, bobbled his head and made faces between the bars of his crib to entertain. His bedtime long gone, Jason and I decided to sit in the dark of the nursery and let H wind down on his own time. There was no shortage of laughter from the peanut gallery tonight–Henry was up to his funniest antics, and to be honest, I’m glad we didn’t miss them. Another lesson in putting the rest of life on hold when parenting calls. Always important, always worth it.

As I reflect on being the mom tonight, I can’t help but think about how many times I’ve needed my own mom in a given moment–even as a fully grown adult. And now, having inherited another mom in my life as Jason’s wife, there have been plenty of times when I’ve needed Mom K, too. It’s a blessing to be a mom, but it would be awfully hard to know where to begin without having great ones, first. And I do!

Today is Mom K’s birthday, so we’ve spent the day thinking about her importance to us as her kids (and now as Henry’s grandma). She is such an advocate for our little family, offering a helping hand whenever she’s able and loving us well through the best moments and the craziest ones. She is generous with all she can offer, creative with much, a savvy shopper, a gracious hostess and a very doting grandma to HD. We are lucky to have her in our lives.

Sometimes you just need your mom. Sometimes to hold your hand, sometimes to play with your hair or wipe away tears or tell you it’s all going to be OK. And sometimes as a reminder to celebrate the beautiful things in your life–the people who love you unconditionally, who changed your diapers long, long ago and who will put down whatever they have going at the end of the day, just to be with you. Because you matter more than anything in the world to them, and no one else could love you like they do.

grateful to have beautiful moms in our lives, and grateful to be Henry’s “mm-m-m,”



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