pure (perfect) michigan.

I had to remind myself all day that it was March 21st. This weather has been unbelievable, and I’m fairly certain we’ll all be pinching ourselves again tomorrow when the temps reach 80 degrees effortlessly. How is it possible that we ventured out the beach tonight wearing summer clothes and worrying nothing about coats or blankets at sunset? Even after the punchy, pink globe dipped down below the horizon, we were hardly chilly in shorts and sandals. I don’t understand our good fortune, but I am embracing this amazing foretaste of Summer while it lasts. As we know, I’m not the biggest fan of the winter months, and this has been the most perfect “Molly” Winter in Michigan that I can remember. It’s the first day of Spring, and there was nary an umbrella or rain coat (or snow pile!) in sight.

Not only did we enjoy the sand between our toes and a gorgeous artistic display in the sky, but we ran into dear friends and laughed /played/snapped photos until the beach was all but dark. It was the perfect cap on the day–God’s handwriting all over every bit!

Today was absolutely, 100% pure Michigan. It was fancy and sunny and warm-breezey and I LOVED it!

A few (ok, my favorite) snapshots from the evening:

Nothing could make me happier: Henry discovering the delight of sand, the sun settling down over the lake, and running into people we love on an impromptu beach night. DELIGHTFUL!

blissfully sandy,


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