in a (honey) nutshell. (13)

At this very moment, I am eating my second smallish bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for the day. I rarely eat cereal anymore, except, apparently, in the last six weeks or so of pregnancy (when I eat a bowl nightly to attempt avoiding 3am hunger pangs). I tried rotating in all of the super healthy, […]

prep. (19)

Things have a tendency to evolve more slowly with a toddler in the house, it seems. And by “things,” I generally mean projects and cleaning and to do lists, and not so much messes or fun or shenanigans (those seem to develop quite easily, as it turns out). Such is the case with prep for […]

quotables. (21)

Today I’m incredibly thankful that it’s the weekend, and that we spent the entire day together as a family. We just needed a dose of normalcy in the midst of the crazy schedules we’ve collectively juggled over the past few weeks. It wasn’t a down day, necessarily, but we did enjoy coffee and the farmer’s […]

heat advisory. (38)

Today was Wonderful Wednesday again (they just keep coming!), so naturally, H and I had plans to go the farmer’s market, among other things. I made a long-ish list of items we needed to pick up, filled water bottles with LOTS of ice, packed H’s bag, and we were off. I was determined to be […]

practice makes perfect. (86)

Two years and three months ago, a crazy blizzard hit our hometown hard–so hard that everything (besides the indomitable local coffee shop) was closed. No one was going anywhere. That particular morning, Jason was outside shoveling feet of snow and I was inside on the couch, almost 28 weeks pregnant, and having contractions every five […]